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Mike's Reflective Photography
Karen Mossey & Mike Sullivan are paranormal investigators based in New England who specialize in Electronic Voice Phenomena and Paranormal Photography.

Karen & Mike are available for investigations, lectures and workshops. There is never a charge for investigations. To request an investigation or inquire about scheduling an appearance, contact us at:

Bird Cage Theatre
Tombstone Arizona

Our Paranormal Evidence
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  "Spooky, Creepy New England"

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September 2010. 
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on various radio shows.
Our Good Friends Leo & Linda Monfet From Visions Of The Paranormal.
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  A while back we received a request from musician Chris Morash to use our "EVP" Image for the cover of his new CD.

We were happy to and we're happy now to spread the word about this talented musician and his new album.

Click Here or on the CD cover above to visit his You Tube site and hear a few selections from "Listen To The Sound"

September 2010. 
The Wreck Of The Jennie M. Carter
  (As seen in this 1920 Post Card)
The ship ran aground at Salisbury Beach Ma. during a nor'easter in 1894. What little remains of the wreckage can still be seen today during extreme low tide. Mike and Karen have tried to find it whenever they visit the beach but the conditions have never been right until recently
when Mike was able to take photos and video of how it looks today.

Click here to see the video.
     Click here to see  pictures and read an article Karen has written about this tragic event