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This video was captured at the Wilton Theatre by one of our unmanned  infrared cameras during the investigation of this historic theater. Watch the small opening in front of the projector. An apparition passes back and forth in front of the lens.
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The videos above were captured by one of our unmanned  infrared cameras during the investigation of the 1686 House Restaurant.  Watch the right side of the screen. An apparition passes from right to left and disappears into the wall. The video on the right was taken before the lights were completely turned off.

This occurred at least four times that evening leading us to believe that this apparition may be a "reoccuring imprint."  The theory is that a paranormal event, in this case an apparition walking through a wall that may have been an entrance to another room during their lifetime, is imprinted into the surroundings and plays repeatedly at specific times. 
Click here to see the video filmed by Linda Monfet during a paranormal investigation of the haunted Officers Club at the former military base, The Presidio, in SanFrancisco Ca.

A black entity passes to the right, then to the left, and finally positions itself in front of investigators Leo and Linda Monfet.
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